Telegea Products

The Telegea platform itself just provides important services to all sort of applications which can take advantage of them. But it is not suitable directly for end users who are looking for a turn key solution, ready to be deployed for their specific needs, in their home, a public building or on company premises. Therefore end user products need to be provided which add value to the energy management system. These products are typically developed by equipment manufacturers, third party suppliers or by the Telegea community itself.

A few sample products are already available for general usage. These give an idea of what can be created from the features offered by Telegea and the potential scenarios of deployment for the platform. More products are being developed and will become available soon.

Data logger

As a first approach to energy management aimed at optimization and saving, the different parameters from a thermal plant need to be monitored. This is an important step to understand the plants behaviour and its current energy performance, discovering shortcomings and defects. Once this has been accomplished, further measures can be planned to fix the issues and possibly reduce the energy consumption.

A basic product based on the Telegea platform is a classical data logger application. It monitors a number of sensor values and records them locally on the data acquisition device and, if desired, on the remote cloud storage. The specific sensor data which is being monitored and recorded can be selected during initial setup. The data can be easily accessed via the Web user interface in numerical or graphical format.


Smart thermostat

The Smart Thermostat is a product used for taking care of indoor air temperature control. Its mission is to make you feel comfortable at home or in the office and save on your energy bill. This should be obtained without complicated programming of schedules or different target temperatures, but with an intuitive and easy to use interface. Most of the time, the Smart Thermostat will work independently from human interaction, so you don't have to worry about it. It also provides the possibility of remote access from Internet connected devices, so you can check on your thermostat, from anywhere, any time.

And if you are a developer and know how to write your own code, you can also customize the whole product to your specific needs. Remember, this is open source and the application can be modified by anyone who wants to, adding missing functionality and features.

The following features are currently implemented. Development is continuing and there is more to come.

  • Temperature control using different heat/cooling devices (gas boiler, fan coil, radiant floor/ceiling)
  • Automatic fan speed control
  • Multiple zone handling
  • Programmable weekly schedule (summer, winter)
  • Manual and automatic temperature selection
  • Manual season mode selection
  • GUI on local or remote touch screen
  • Native Smartphone app for remote control
  • Support for local wired user panel



Smart Home controller

The Telegea Smart Hub is a hardware device which fulfills the requirements of a reliable, robust and professional Smart Home controller and at the same time has an open architecture for full control by its user.

  • Low power consumption, fanless
  • Wide input power range
  • Standard bus interfaces
  • Digital and analog inputs
  • Relay card interfaces for control tasks
  • Screw terminals and RJ11 connectors for all available interfaces
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Reliable storage for OS and configuration

It is provided with open source Smart Home software like OpenHAB and Home Assistant  pre-installed on the integrated flash memory which makes it easy to get started with personal home automation projects. Just plug it in and connect to the provided user interfaces for initial configuration of the system. It can be completely customized to fit specific needs and control every part of your home.