Telegea partners and contributors

In the sector of thermal energy systems most of the companies tend to develop their own end-to-end monitor/control platform with their own web application, mobile app, database and so on. They provide a closed platform designed by a few engineers that can only work with their brand, their products. This way they have a platform developed by very few people and used by one single company with its own customers.

Telegea's approach is completely different. It is a platform developed by a community of many contributers and used by very many companies. This way the development capacity is greater than any single company can provide, the number and quality of the feedback is much higher with a very positive impact on the platform's design and costs.

The Telegea platform was born to provide high quality and innovative technology to companies like:

  • Manufacturers of heat pumps, burners, heating floors and house builders
  • Service companies like re-sellers, installers, building designers, Energy Service Company (ESCO), utilities

Also end users are very welcome to use the platform and its applications. They can download and start using it right away so that they can share their best practices or customized solutions. All the existing installations are providing important key feedback to the platform developers community.

The initial market research was done not only on the Internet, but also “in field” with installers, house builders, resellers, partners and the first Telegea “pioneers”, 5 years ago.

With an open source platform there is no need to “re-invent the wheel”. Such software and hardware solutions as provided by Telegea, well tested in the field, inter-working with a number of products and brands, enable companies to:

  • Take advantage of the shared technology
  • Embed it into their own products or services
  • Add value to their offer
  • Keep focusing on their core business

The more companies use it and test it, the more robust the platform will become, much more than any system created by a single company.