Telegea is a community driven project which lives from the contribution of its members. They can share knowledge and data which is used to improve the platform and its applications. If you are interested in becoming part of this community then don't wait any longer and join. Whether you want to use a Telegea based application and become a dot on the map, you are a developer and would like to contribute source code, or you are a user who can do testing or write documentation or you are just interested in technology and want to provide new ideas and concepts, then you should get in contact and become part of the Telegea community.

We provide several ways of participating. Choose the one that fits you best and get started.


If you want to receive up to date information from the Telegea community, follow us on Twitter.


Google Group

For discussion, questions and solutions head over to our Google Groups mailing list and forum



For bug reports and feature specifications (blueprints) visit the Telegea Launchpad project