By monitoring the key environmental parameters it is possible to keep the indoor comfort and air quality under control and increase the efficiency of heating/cooling systems. Telegea uses sensors and actuators to interact with the environment. And it provides a single user interface which is able to handle different types and brands of thermal equipment.

Products based on Telegea

The Telegea platform provides the underlying technology for an always growing number of applications for Thermal Energy Management.

Products provide a solution for specific needs. They can be directly deployed by end users as turn key solutions.

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Telegea Contributors

Telegea started as a common initiative with contribution from a number of companies and freelances working with thermal systems.

Among them you find building constructors, radiating floor companies, heat-pump distributors and installers and end-users. These are the members of the Telegea's community which contributed in the very first stage.

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The building blocks of Telegea

Telegea is a modular hardware and software platform, based on three main components:

  • Remote device Telegea Smartbox for collecting data, remote control and performing automation tasks
  • Central Telegea server for data storage and processing
  • User interface for easy and intuitive access to the plants data and control

The implementation of all components is strictly based on open source software and open protocols running on Linux OS. All modules are connected to each other via communication channels based on standard Internet protocols.

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